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Critical Environment Systems that will perform

Reliability When It Matters Most

Demanding applications require more of your HVAC system—it’s that simple. Our CriticalAire division specializes in airflow applications and solutions for critical environments like laboratories and hospitals. Our HVAC systems are built to perform and require little or no maintenance. We’ll make sure your system is properly installed and commissioned and be there to support you every step of the way.

Get the Best Airflow Solution for Your Labs

It’s time to upgrade to the industry’s leading HVAC systems for critical environments.

Air Sensing Technology for Critical Environments

Water Metering & Flow Solutions

Thermal Dispersion Airflow Measurement

Sorbent Air Cleaning Technology

Needlepoint Bipolar Ionization Air Purification Technology

Airflow Control Solutions for Critical Environments

Thermal Mass Flow Meters

UVGI Systems

High Plume Exhaust Fans

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Critical Airflow Applications

When it comes to safe and energy efficient operation, you can’t mess around. Our systems can be applied in a broad range of settings and will deliver:

• Maintenance free solutions
• Accurate measurement of building airflows to meet ASHRAE guidelines
• Innovative wireless solutions to accelerate energy savings
• Advanced exhaust systems for effective fume and odor removal